We are a leading distributor of fresh tuna loins

Seafish is a leader in the distribution of Yellowfin tuna loins. Every week we receive several shipments of fresh yellowfin from multiple fishing grounds around the world. We select a variaty of quality grades to meet the specific requirement of our customers in Italy and in Europe.

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Import and distribution through very fast delivery channels

Our tight relationship with best in class exporters around the globe and our partnership with European leaders in logistic and distribution services allows us to guarantee extremely fast and efficient deliveries so that in less than 48 hours our fish arrives from the fishing ground to our customers doors step.

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High quality is the upmost important aspect for our fish

At Seafish Italia delivering the highest possible quality standards is our first priority. For this reason we have developed very rigorous quality grading protocols and innovating technologies. The result is that seafish consistently meet all customers parameters to the smallest detail.

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Beyond tuna, the best wild caught fish

Our Species

Beyond Tuna, Seafish Italia distributes swordfish fillets and fresh wild caught fish from the shores of Maroc, Tunisia and Oman.

Sustainable fisheries for future generations


We select product caught by small artisanal fishing vessels that operates dayly fishing trips deploying legal and eco-friendly fishing gears.

Local distributors, wholesalers and retailers

Customer base

Seafish Italia targets are whole sellers, small, local distributors and retailers managing the entire supply chain from source to final distribution.



Fishing Grounds

Our fish arrives from the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Chile, Suriname, Oman, Tunisia and Marocco. The perfect planning of our operation allows us to satisfy the most specific customer requirement while maintaining unchanged the focus on our quality standards.

Personalized Pricing

and general information

Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive general information about our extensive range of yellowfin tuna, swordfish and fresh wild caught fish and specific pricing for your product and needs

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